Sirajuddin Ahmed - Vice Pricipal and Prof, Civil Engineering

By H Jawaid Ahmed (C70)

Prof Sirajuddin Ahmed

Prof Sirajuddin Ahmed was a gentle-mannered, soft-spoken person. He was the Vice Principal of the College throughout our NED years. Many of us believed that he was qualified and deserved to be the Principal.

Siraj Saheb, as we usually called him, was one of the best teachers at NED. He taught Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics. I still remember the Bernoulli's Equation of fluid flow which he grilled into us. The textbook used for the course was one written by Franzini and Daugherty. (In 1972, I had a chance to meet Dr Franzini at Stanford Univ and I told him how well NED's Prof Siraj had taught us using his book).

Siraj Saheb was a patient and methodical teacher. He was generally reserved, serious, and did not show much humor, but was always very pleasant.

Prof Sirajuddin Ahmed's Signature and College Seal

My final year project was under Prof Siraj. The team consisted of Waheed Uddin and myself. Our task was to design the new Hydraulics Laborartory for the then proposed NED University of Engineering. We had fun doing that and we felt so honored and blessed to have his guidance and counsel. (For this project, Siraj Saheb also appointed Hashim Saheb, a lecturer at NED, to assist us. Hashim Saheb left for Syracuse Univ in 1971).

I last saw him in early Sept 1971. I went to the College to bid him farewell. He seemed to be very pleased that his recommendation letter had helped me to get admitted to Stanford Univ. Many years later, my father chanced to sit next to him at some wedding dinner. When my father mentioned my name and that I had been his student, Prof Siraj Saheb said that he remembered me. It made my father feel good but I think that Siraj Saheb was just being kind and polite.