Dr Muzzaffar Mahmood - Prof, Mechanical Engineering

By Dr Muzzafar Mahmood (M72)

Muzzaffar Mahmood, 1972

Dr Muzzaffar Mahmood, 2016

Dr Muzzaffar Mahmood is an alumni of NED Engineering College class of 1972 Mechanical. His more well known class fellows include Najamul Haque and Shah Jamshed Jami. He has experience of over 40 years in academics and industry, most notably 33 years as NED University faculty, 1980–2013. He joined the NED University directly on his return from Cranfield University UK on completing his PhD in Thermal Sciences. After his well earned retirement he joined PAF-KIET in 2014 and is serving there since. He is also on the Board of Directors of Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP) and Karachi Tool Mould Dies Centre (KTDMC). Additionally he spends time with Institute of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) where he holds the position of Vice Chairman Mechanical and Allied disciplines.

Dr Muzzaffar has taught over 6000 students during his career at NED University and a few hundred PN officers at naval engineering college. There he came across Zafar Sajjad (Marhoom) of the 1970 Mechanical. A very large number of his students reside in Michigan and Ontario and remember him well.

During his administrative stint at NED which began with the appointment of Chairman Mechanical Department in 1990. The crescendo of this began in 2005 when he was made in-charge of a huge developmental project of over Rs 3 billion. This was the main grant which NED received after the setting up World Bank grant in the seventies. There was a slight chance of getting a Japanese grant in but fizzled out because of atomic explosion in 1998. The key person enabling person for the receipt The mega project covered construction of a large number of buildings, acquiring buses, setting up of many many new departments, sending over hundred faculty members abroad for PhD. Obviously the work was carried out by a project team. Two outstanding members of the team were Ashfaque and Wasiuddin, but there was support all over. Support and outstanding ability of Kalam Sh (Marhoom) to delegate all authority was a key reason for the success and the smooth execution of the project. Dr Muzzaffar’s problem solving ability, patience, perseverance and understanding helped NED University to achieve these objectives. One new campus was also acquired coming as a gift from Latif Ebrahim Jamal just a few weeks before his demise. Campus located near the TV station, named NED-LEJ Campus teaches biomedical engineering and food engineering.

A short visit to the Main Campus is surprising for graduates passing out in recent years, as late as 2010. Very notable buildings are the girls common room (GCR) and the girls gymnasium. Senior graduates who have association with the City Campus will be surprised to see the changes there. Architecture and Planning are the courses taken up there. All laboratories have been converted to studios. After being neglected for twenty years the campus has been revamped using the old style.

He would be remembered for his versatile teaching, practical leadership and one of thekey person who made campus(es) full of buzzing young future engineers in twenty plus disciplines notable is the Biomedical Engineering Department which has faculty from several disciplines and medical doctors too; the other discipline would be Textile which has over ten PhDs. What is needed now is the belief in the bright future of NED University and for us to provide support which goes beyond words.

The effort made by the 1970 batch has been highly appreciated by him and he hopes that he will be able to contribute articles related to the campus life during the period 1980 till his retirement.