Dr Jameel Ahmad Khan - Head, Mechanical Engineering Dept

By Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman (C70)

Dr Jameel Ahmad Khan, circa 2010

Known in NED as Dr Jameel, he was born on February 1, 1938. He graduated from Karachi University in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1957. He completed his Doctorate in Fluid Mechanics from the renowned Institute of Aerodynamics, Technical University of Aachen, Germany in 1960.

At present he is attached to numerous technical Institutes and Organizations as an Advisor and Mentor. His contribution and service is immense and outstanding not only to NED but to the country as a whole. His students are scattered all over the world practicing what he taught them.

During the time we were in NED 1966-1970 he moved from senior professor to the head of Mechanical Engineering Department. In later years, he was the Vice Chancellor of NED Univ of Engineering and Technology. Being a Civil Engineering student, I did not have the pleasure of attending any of his lectures but through friends in Mechanical I came to recognize him as a fair and learned teacher.

He was well-liked by all and his students enjoyed his open door policy. A very approachable and patient teacher willing to assist his students to not only perform but to excel as well. I am told he would explain an item several times to make sure each and every one in the class understood. The lectures were so interesting that even the backbenchers were compelled to pay attention and not nap. He knew how to keep their interest alive and probed them with questions to check their comprehension and alertness.

I remember Dr Jameel walking from class to his office with strong fast steps as if he is in hurry but would stop to smile, chat and provide time, if approached.

Dr Jameel Changed My Life

By Pat Mehraban Irani (M70)

In my case Dr. Jameel changed the direction of my life. Fall/September 1970 I had admission and scholarship to go to Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois. Dr. Jameel failed me in the viva voce of gas dynamics so I had to stay back for the supplementary exam in January 1971. Next fall/ September 1971 was the only time I could go. NWU did not take students in the middle of the year.

Therefore from January 1971 to September 1971, I had 8 months. A friend visiting from Iran suggested I go to Iran for a few months, work make some money and could live with him. So I went to Iran, I liked my country was very welcomed as a zarthoshti and decided to drop going to USA, instead did MBA at a newly established Harvard Business School in Tehran with full scholarship. Then got a job while in school, came back for a few days to marry my wife.

If I had gone to USA in September 1970, life could have been totally different. Probably would have married a gori.

Therefore in a way my life would have been different if I had not been failed by Dr. Jameel in the viva voce, my only supplementary.