Dr Ibrahim - Prof, Mechanical Engineering

By Mohammed Javed (M70)

Only Mechanical Engineering students had the pleasure or displeasure to have endured the "Lubrication" Classes taught by Dr Ibrahim, a retired Head of Mechanical Engineering Department. This course was taught in the final year. Dr Ibrahim was very strict and almost a bully. Nobody was allowed to enter the class even a few seconds after the scheduled starting time of the class.

He would almost always ask students questions in every class. He would randomly pick a student, and most of the time the poor student would not be able to give an answer good enough for Dr Ibrahim and in that case the guilty student was not allowed to sit. Dr Ibrahim would move to the next student, with the same question and if the next student is also wrong, he would have to keep on standing and then the one next to him. Sometimes he would keep on going until the whole class would be standing. So one day he was doing his favorite exercise of asking question and making a whole bunch of intimidated students stand, when he came across one of my good friends (no names this time). This friend was wearing sun glasses in the class, due to some eye issues, which was enough to make Dr Ibrahim even angrier, and he went on his tirade without waiting to hear my friend's excuse for wearing sun glasses in the class. He went 'Kala Chashma kyun pehnta hai, kambakht? Khuda ney dunya mein kitnee rang barangee cheesein baneein hein. Tu har cheez ko kala dekhna chahta hai? By the time poor student gave his very reasonable excuse Dr Ibrahim had already bullied him and I was thinking that one can still see different colors through sun glasses, albeit a slightly different tinge, butI didn't have the guts to challenge Dr Ibrahim and kept my mouth shut.