1970 Mechanical Engineering Graduating Class

By Jamila (Salahuddin)Rahman(C70) and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed(C70)

Copy of 1966-70 Mechanical Engineering Class Picture Copied from NED 1966-70 Yahoo Group Site

Row Names (Left to Right)
1 (Sitting) 1: Amjad Hasan, 2: Ashfaq C Agboatwala, 3: Zafar Sajjad, 4: Nisar Ahmad Khan, 5: Javed Arshad, 6: Rukhsana (Siddiqui) Zuberi, 7: Prof Dr Jamil Ahmad Khan, 8: Mr A Wahab Siddiqui (Lecturer), 9: Hamid Ahmad Khan, 10: Tajuddin Ahmad, 11: Mushtaque Raza, 12: Izharuddin Siddiqui, 13: Haroon Rashid Zaman
2 1: Khalid Rasul Jan, 2: Mazhar Mujtaba Zubairi, 3:Mir Fateh Sultan , 4: Shiraz Y Rehmani, 5: Nadir Mazhar, 6: Moazzam Baig, 7: Ali Ashraf, 8: Ziauddin A Khan, 9: M Junaid Siddiqui, 10: Oostur Raza, 11: R A Khan, 12: Shameem Akhtar, 13: Ghulam Mohammad Khan, 14:Tahir Mohamed Sheikh , 15: Nadim Siddiqui, 16: Zahid Butt, 17: Muhammad Ameen
3 1: Farooq A Merchant, 2: Abrar A Khan, 3: Muhammad Yunus, 4: Abdul Majid, 5: Saeed-uz Zaman , 6: Ijaz Hussain, 7: Khalique Abdul Ameen, 8: S Mutahir Raza Rizvi, 9: Shakil Hamid, 10: Mohammed Javed, 11: Mohammad Yaseen, 12: Nisar Khan Afridi, 13: Hasan Sadarudin
4 (Back Row) 1: Mohammad Ijaz, 2: Jamiluddin, 3: Mehraban K Irani, 4: S Zahid Hussain, 5: M Usman Pasha, 6: Mozaffar Hussain, 7: Abdul Shafique Rathore, 8: S Sabir Ali

If you are not a member of the Yahoo Group NED Engineering College Class of 1966-70 , we strongly suggest that you join the group. It is an excellent source of news, information, pictures and conversations for the 1966-70 NED alumni. This group site was created 4 years ago and it is the best way for the 1966-70 NED alumni to communicate, share and engage.

What We Know/Remember About Them

The following list includes the classmates not shown in the group picture.
Name Position in Photo Information Available
Amjad Hasan Row 1,
No 1

Amjad Hasan, 2015

Ashfaq C Agboatwala Row 1,
No 2
Ashfaq Cassuns Agboatwala was one of the top students. In TE, he had the highest marks. In BE, he secured the second position. He lives in California.
Ejaz Ahmed Row 3,
No 6
Ejaz Ahmed is currently living in Rochester, NY.
Khalid Rasul Jan Row 2,
No 1
Khalid R Jan was another bright student. He authored an article 'Concept of Inventory Control' for the 1970 edition of the NED's annual magazine 'The Young Engineer'. He also wrote an Urdu article entitled 'Guzar Gai Hain Joh Dil Par QiyamataiN Mat Pooch' for the same magazine. He passed away several years ago.
Mazhar Mujtaba Zubairi Row 2,
No 2

Mazhar Mujtaba Zubairi, 2015

Mazhar Mujtaba Zubairi was a volley ball player during the NED years. He now lives in the Los Angeles area and travels often to Karachi where he spends quite a bit of time.
Contributed by Mirza Zaheer Baig (C70): As I did not study boring subjects and instead taught my friends major subjects, all chipped in to educate me on various subjects just before the final exam.

Mazhar Mujtaba taught me Engineering Mathematics within one day and I passed with flying colours. He told me to practise 4-5 sums and fortunately the same questions came.

Mehraban K Irani Row 4,
No 3

Mehraban K Irani, 2016

After graduation from NED, Mehraban Irani (aka Pat Mehraban Irani ) worked as a pipeline engineer in Iran for a few years. He studied Arctic Engineering at Univ of Alaska and also completed his MBA. He is fluent in several languages and had an impressive career in pipeline engineering for gas and oil distribution systems in Canada and USA. He lives in Houston, and coordinated the NED 1966-70 alumni reunion in 2016.
Mohammed Javed Row 3,
No 10

Mohammed Javed, 2016

After graduating from NED in 1970, Mohammed Javed worked in the Design office of Karachi Shipyard for a while. Was sent to Norway for couple of years for training in Ship Inspection. He has been in Washington DC Metro area since 1980 and been working as a Naval Architect, in a major Naval Architecture Company since. He is still in fairly decent health.
Muhammad Ameen Row 2,
No 17

Muhammad Ameen, 2015

Muhammad Ameen lives in Karachi, Pakistan.
Muhammad Ilyas None

Muhammad Ilyas, 2016

Muhammad Ilyas joined Pakistan Navy after graduation from NED. He is now retired from the Navy, lives in Karachi, and visits US often.
Mushtaque Raza Row 1,
No 11
After completing BE, Mushtaque Raza worked in KPT and Ghandhara Diesel in Pakistan, and then joined Aramco, Saudi Arabia. After that he completed M.S. In Mechanical from Oklahoma State University in 1978. Since then, he hase been in design/project engineering in oil, gas, and power generation fields. He currently resides in Houston, TX
Nadir Mazhar Row 2,
No 5

Nadir Mazhar, 2015

After leaving NED, Nadir Mazhar worked for a short while in Pakistan, got married, and then moved to Nigeria where he worked for 9 years. He now works and lives in Australia and travels frequently. He has his own company which provides services to several Certification bodies like ISO. His efforts in maintaining contact with the NED classmates set an example. During his visits to Karachi, US, or other places he meets and visits as many of the NED classmates as possible. We are grateful to him for his help in our attempts to track the classmates from those years. In 1970, he wrote the article 'Injection Moulding of Plastics' for the 1970 edition of the NED's annual magazine 'The Young Engineer'. You can read more about his jorneys in Nadir Mazhar's Story in his own words.
Nadim Siddiqui Row 2,
No 15

Nadim Siddiqui, 2013

After completing NED, Nadim Siddiqui worked at Sui Northern for a short period, then attended Lehigh Univerity where he, Shiraz Rehmani, and Tahir Mohamed Sheikh shared an apartment. He worked in the Mechanical Engineering field in North Carolina and Texas. In mid-ninetees he moved to Memphis, started his own business where he is assisted by his sons.
Nisar Ahmad Khan Row 1,
No 4

Nisar Ahmad Khan, 2015

Nisar Ahmad Khan works and lives in Karachi, Pakistan.
Oostur Raza Row 2,
No 10

Oostur Raza, 2014

Oostur Raza was one of the brightest, most articulate and witty students. After finishing his BE, he completed his MS in Nuclear Engineering at Univ of Wisconsin. He worked as a nuclear engineer for General Electric. Over the ensuing years, he was involved in management roles at General Electric, Fujitsu , Adobe, Sun Microsystems, and a variety of other technology companies. He is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Omega Genesis. In 2012, he initiated the Yahoo Group NED Engineering College Class of 1966-70 which helped many of the 1970 NED alumnis to get connected. His writings on the current social and political issues are always very well-written and insightful.
Rukhsana (Siddiqui) Zuberi Row 1,
No 6

Rukhsana Zubeiri, 2010

After completing her degree in Mechanical Engineering 1970, Rukhsana Siddiqui joined NCR, Pakistan at Karachi office. She then got married and quickly became involved in Pakistan politics by joining PPP ()Pakistan Peoples Party). Since joining the party she has been very active and became close to late Benazir Bhutto. Rukhsana served Pakistan as a senator during the prime period of Bhutto's government.

Engr. Senator Rukhsana Zuberi is leading Pakistan Engineering Council as Chairperson since August 2008. Senator Zuberi is the founder of Women In Energy and champion for initiatives like; energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy specifically solar energy in Pakistan and the South Asia Region. She served Pakistan as Senator, Member Provincial Assembly Sindh and is currently Member President’s Steering Committee on Alternative Energy Options for Pakistan. She is also Board Member of NUST, Engineering Development Board and Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan.

Engr. Rukhsana Zuberi is the Chief Executive Officer of "Technical Education Centre" (TEC) which is among the pioneers in the field of Information Technology, was established in 1992 in Pakistan. The Centre is the first Microsoft Certified Technical Education centre and the largest Authorized Sylvan Prometric Testing in Pakistan offering IT training and on-line testing services for International certifications.

Shiraz Y Rehmani Row 2,
No 4

Shiraz Rehmani, 2014

Shiraz Rehmani secured first position in BE finals. He did his MS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University where he, Tahir M Sheikh and Nadim Siddiqui share an apartment. He is a talented singer. Watch this YouTube performance by shiraz Rehmani
Taha Abu Mahfouz None Taha Abu Mahfouz was a tall student from Jordan. After graduation he returned home and later worked in Saudi Arabia.
Taha Saeed None

Taha Saeed, 1970

Taha was another jovial fellow who always brought laughter and jokes. For some personal reasons, he had to drop out of the final year and graduated later. He worked in National Steel for a while. He spent time in Japan and Russia. After retirement he is living in Houston area. See this page for more about Taha Saeed.
Tahir Mohamed Sheikh Row 2,
No 14

Tahir M Sheikh, 2013

After graduation from NED, Tahir Mohamed Sheik completed masters from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He has worked for the Telecommunication Industry at Nortel and Nokia. He has spent time in Turkey, France and Japan. He is now retired and lives in Raleigh, NC.
Zahid Butt Row 2,
No 16

Zahid Butt, 2014

After completing his BE, Zahid Butt finished his MBA from IBA, Karachi. He had an opportunity to train in steel technology in Japan where he picked up basic Japanese. Subsequently, he worked in Pakistan and Saudia Arabia before coming to the US and worked in Florida for a Swiss company. He is now retired and living in Houston. We owe many thanks to Zahid Butt for helping us track our classmates and get the needed information for these pages.
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It is unfortunate that we do not have a complete list of our classmates. If you can remember a fellow alumnus who is not included here or can supplement any information about any of our classmates, please contact us.