1970 Electrical Engineering Graduating Class

By Jamila (Salahuddin)Rahman(C70) and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed(C70)

Copy of 1966-70 Electrical Engineering Class Picture Copied from NED 1966-70 Yahoo Group Site
Many thanks to Rafeeda (Siddiqui) Hasan and Mohammad Sameeh Shafi for help in identifying the Electrical alumni

Row Names (Left to Right)
1 (Sitting) 1: Abdul Qadir, 2: Tariq Shahab, 3: Irfan Aleem, 4: Iqbal Ibrahim, 5: Hameeda (Mohtaram) Chara, 6: Rafeeda (Siddiqui) Hasan, 7: Fareeda (Ali) Javed, 8: Salim Akhtar, 9: Mohammad Shabbir Shaikh, 10: Asghar Memon Aboobaker, 11: Badruddin Baqai, 12: Zahid Afaq Hakim, 13: Javed Iqbal, 14: Mohammad Arshad, 15: Mohammad Hasnain
2 1: Pervaiz Alam, 2: Iftikhar Ali, 3: Srichand Hasija, 4: Shafat Rasul, 5: Zulfiqar Ahmed, 6: Tasadduq Vaince, 7: Mohammad Sameeh Shafi, 8: Wasi Nizam, 9: Dawood Bhatti, 10: Khalid, 11: Abdullah Tayeh, 12: Khusro Dastur, 13: Feroze J Sidhwa, 14:Rehmanuz Zaman, 15: Shahid Hasan
3 (Back Row) 1: Syed Ahsan Ali, 2: Azmatullah Khan, 3: Ahmad Sohail Siddiqui, 4: Shafiq Chowdhry, 5: Irshad Goraya, 6: Saddiq Ali Khan, 7: Aliuddin Ahmed, 8: ???, 9: Kayas Ji-F Dada Chanji, 10: Ismail Lakhani, 11: Mohammad Arif Qureshi

If you are not a member of the Yahoo Group NED Engineering College Class of 1966-70, we strongly suggest that you join the group. It is an excellent source of news, information, pictures and conversations for the 1966-70 NED alumni. This group site was created 4 years ago and it is the best way for the 1966-70 NED alumni to communicate, share and engage.

What We Know/Remember About Them

Nearly half a century after our graduation from NED, it will be a difficult task to compile information about our 1966-70 BE Electrical Engineering class. If you can provide information or correction about any of our classmates not listed here, or if you want to send any supplemental information or pictures about the staff, campus, or 1970 graduating class, please contact us.

The following list includes the classmates not shown in the group picture.
Name Position in Photo Information Available
Abdul Razzak Lakhani None A hard-working student with thick glasses, Abdul Razzak Lakhani (sometimes called 'Rajjak Bhai') went to the US for his graduate studies. On his return he joined his family business of electrical goods.
Abdullah Tayeh Row 2,
No 11
Abdullah Tayeh was a Jordanian student and returned home after graduation.
Asghar Memon Aboobaker Row 1,
No 10

Asghar Memon Aboobaker, 2015

By Asghar Memon Aboobaker:
I came to USA in 1971 and did MSEE from UCLA. After graduation, I moved to San Francisco Bay Area and worked for two prominent technology companies(Fairchild and Intel) from 1973 to 2000. I held many positions there including engineering and general manager of a business unit. From 2000 to 2010, I worked at a local venture capital firm. In 2007, I cofounded a Pakistani cultural non-profit organization and currently its chairman. I am also chair of the investment committee for $400K NED endowment fund funding up to 100 scholarships each year. Have three sons and 2 grandchildren. I have very fond memories of NED life with so many friends, wood and metal workshop and sparse electronics lab. Prof. Anwar Chaudhry, Salahuddin, Mascarenas and others molded my education base and extremely valuable to my later professional life. It is hard to believe that we got such fine education with few hundred rupees annual tuition.
Fareeda (Ali) Javed Row 1,
No 7

Fareeda Ali, circa 2010

Fareeda Ali was one of the first women electrical engineers of Pakistan. She was admitted to NED first on the merit basis. Prof Anwar Chowdhry was very impressed by her table tennis talent, and advised her to switch to the sports seat. This allowed an opening in the 5 seats for girls. After graduation from NED she did Masters in Educational Administration in 1995 from Philippines. She has over 40 years of experience and held these positions: Design Engineer in Pakistan Steel Mills, Principal/Project Director in Polytechnic Institute for Women, Islamabad. She worked in Columbo Plan Staff College Technician education Manila as Faculty consultant from 1994 to 1997. She then worked in Pakistan Engineering Council as Advisor at Branch Office Lahore, and was elected Member Executive (Electrical) PEC governing body for 2 terms, 1989 to 1994.

She received many awards nationally/internationally. She was an accomplished sportswoman and excelled in table tennis.

Feroze J Sidhwa Row 2,
No 13
By Feroze J Sidhwa:
After graduating from NED Engineering College, I left for Washington University in St louis Missouri USA. Completed my Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering (specializing in Electronics)

Joined National Rejector Industries in Hot Springs Arkansas, this company designed and manufactured electronics for vending machines. Then moved on to Mid America Pipe Line Company in Tulsa Oklahoma, I was involved in the design and development of ultrasonic flow meters, interface detectors & solution monitors.

Joined Century Geophysical Corporation, and was involved in the design and manufacture of mineral logging tools.

After three years I moved on to Mobil Oil Corporation, where I was involved in the design and manufacture of tools used for finding and producing oil and gas. I worked at Mobil Oil for fifteen years and during that tenure was awarded several patents.

In 1995 I formed Precise Circuits Inc. We design, develop and manufacture high temperature rugged electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies for the oil, gas and mining Industry.

Hameeda (Mohtaram) Chara Row 1,
No 5
By Hameeda (Mohtaram) Chara:
My full name presently is Mrs Hamida Arif Chara. Immediately after graduating from NED I joined Philips Pakistan ,and worked there for two years and then I worked with Philips Holland for another two years. In year 1979 I moved to Dubai where I worked for Elcome International (the largest ships communication equipment supplier and service provider in the Gulf) for 30 years as Sales Manager for Nautical Charts and Publications, before joining my husband in his business.

Till date I am working with him in electric avenue Trading Company as Manager IT and Finance. I have one daughter who has done her engineering from American University of Sharjah and presently lives in Karachi with her husband who is als an engineer.
Ibrahim Saleh None Ibrahim Saleh was a Jordanian student and returned home after graduation.
Irfan Aleem Row 1,
No 3
Irfan Aleem won the first prize in the debating competition in English.
Khalid Row 2,
No 10
Khalid was a Jordanian student and returned home after graduation.
Mohammad Sameeh Shafi Row 2,
No 7

Sameeh Shafi, 2015

Contributed by Mohammad Sameeh Shafi
After graduation I immediately joined a French-based Multinational Company to design & supervise the International Airport at Madinatul Munawara, Saudi Arabia and other development projects. Continued working in Abu Dhabi for Liquefaction Plant in Muhtarram Island as associate of Bechtel-Chyoda Consortium till 1975. Joined Works Directorate, Min of Works Power & Water, Bahrain. Reached the level of Senior Engineer & Department Head & returned to Pakistan on start of Bahrain Nationalistation in end 1987. Joined NDFC in Feb 1988 for the development of Energy & Power Projects including HUBCO 1292 MR and other Projects under World Bank FUND namely Private Sector Energy Development Fund till 1997. The Private Sector power projects were implemented & loan extended had been 90% recovered from Private Sector. It was a unique attempt for One-Window GoP strategy to avoid bureaucratic restriction & overall timely implementation of Power & Infra-structure project. Presently part of JInnah Sindh Medical University as Engineer to help in improvement of Power Infrastructure including replacement of undersize Transformers, Cables & Control/ Protection System. It is more of Advisory & Consultancy post. Happily a family head with a very good & all time helpful Life Partner Yasmeen & two sons Hamad & Saad. One is employed with a Bank & younger is completing his Higher Studies.
Mohammad Sameeh Shafi works and lives in Karachi, Pakistan.
Rafeeda (Siddiqui) Hasan Row 1,
No 6

Rafeeda Hasan, 2016

Rafeeda a (Siddiqui) Hasan graduated in 1970 as electrical engineer from NED Engineering Collage. She was a group of three girls in first batch of girls. After graduation Rafeeda worked in National Construction, Karachi for several years before migrating with her collegue and husband to Florida. USA. She has three married children, one son and two daughters. Rafeeda and her husband live a retired life with their son and grand children in Houston.
Syed Zafar Wahab None

Zafar Wahab, 1970

Zafar Wahab, 2008

Syed Zafar Wahab was a quiet and reserved student. After graduation he worked in Saudi Arabia, returned to Pakistan for a few years, and went back to Saudi Arabia for work.
Tariq Amin Ahmed None After graduation, Tariq Amin Ahmed completed his master's from a university in Machigan. He returned to Pakistan.
Tariq Shahab None Tariq Shahab joined WAPDA, rose to the rank of Chief Engineer before retirement. He is working with a consulting firm and lives in Lahore.
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It is unfortunate that we do not have a complete list of our classmates. If you can remember a fellow alumnus who is not included here or can supplement any information about any of our classmates, please contact us.