1970 Civil Engineering Graduating Class

By Jamila (Salahuddin)Rahman(C70) and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed(C70)

Copy of 1966-70 Civil Engineering Class Picture Receieved from Salahuddin M Sheikh

Row Names (Left to Right)
1 (Sitting) 1: Ashraf Dangra, 2: Abdul Latif Dasooqi, 3: Iqbal Memon, 4: Mansoor Jabbar Khan, 5: Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman, 6: Salahuddin M Sheikh, 7: Prof Abdul Quddus Alvi, 8: Prof Azizul Hasan Khan, 9: Prof S M Shoaib, 10: Prof S A G Ganatra, 11: Prof F G Khan, 12: Tasnim Alam Manzar, 13: Shahid Naseem Burney, 14: Ghous Munir Hussain, 15: Mohammad Aslam Qureshi, 16: Zahid Perwaiz, 17: Hasnain Ahmad, 18: Zaheer Qadri, 19: Arshad Viqar
2 1: Mohammad Asghar, 2: Mazahirul Islam, 3: Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed, 4: Allauddin Hasan Ali, 5: Pervaiz Anwar Butt, 6: Sh Fazal, 7: Mohammad Muazzam Husain, 8: Farhad Daroga, 9: Iqtidarul Hasan Alvi, 10: Manzoor Hussain Malik, 11: Khalid Tanwir Choudhary, 12: Nadir Latif, 13: Musawwar Hussain, 14: Mohammad Suleman, 15: Farhatullah, 16: Zainul Abidin, 17: A Hameed, 18: G Mohiuddin, 19: Mahabat Khan Yousufzai, 20: Mustafa Ahmad Shah, 21: Hanif M Karim, 22: Kamal Ahmed Alvi, 23: Sajid Ali
3 1: Abdul Rashid Khan, 2: Ziauddin Qureshi, 3: Sibte Mujtaba Kazmi, 4: Darius N Kanga, 5: Tasnim Uddin, 6: Maqbool Ahmad, 7: Saeedur Rahman, 8: Atiqur Rahman, 9: Abdul Waheed Ansari, 10: Maqsood, 11: Mohammad Azim, 12: Khalid Maqsood, 13: Menghraj, 14: M Yousuf, 15: S Anwar, 16: Osama Hasan, 17: Abdul Halim Mollah, 18: Iqtidar2, 19: Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi, 20: Jamshed Akhtar Danish, 21: Raghib Abbass, 22: Munawar Hayat, 23: Arshad Ali
4 (Back Row) 1: Mustehasan Zaidi, 2: Abdul Muqtadir, 3: Shaukat Farooq, 4: Sh Mohsin, 5: Ijaz Ahmad Sheikh, 6: Shamim Ahmad, 7: Syed Ibne Naqvi, 8: Afzalur Rahman, 9: Ziaur Rehman, 10: Mahmood Ibrahim, 11: Irfan Ali, 12: Abdul Hai, 13: Rahmat Ali, 14: A Qadeer, 15: Waheed Uddin, 16: Ismail Abdullah, 17: Mohammad Amanullah, 18: Noor Ahmed Chowdhry, 19: Qasim Akhtar Rizvi, 20: Raza Peracha, 21: Mohammad Nasrullah

If you are not a member of the Yahoo Group NED Engineering College Class of 1966-70 , we strongly suggest that you join the group. It is an excellent source of news, information, pictures and conversations for the 1966-70 NED alumni. This group site was created 4 years ago and it is the best way for the 1966-70 NED alumni to communicate, share and engage.

What We Know/Remember About Them

Nearly half a century after our graduation from NED, it will be a difficult task to compile information about our 1966-70 BE Civil Engineering class. If you can provide information or correction about any of our classmates not listed here, or if you want to send any supplemental information or pictures about the staff, campus, or 1970 graduating class, please contact us.

The following list includes the classmates not shown in the group picture.
Name Position in Photo Information Available
Abdul Halim Mollah Row 3,
No 17

Abdul Halim Mollah, 2016

Contribute by Abdul Halim Mollah:
After my graduation in 1970, I returned to the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in Oct 1970. Joined Engineering Consultants & Associates as junior Engineer in December 1970 & worked there for 10 months. From Sept 1971 to December 1976 as Assistant Engineer at Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation. From December 1976 to august 1978 as Executive Engineer at Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation. From September 1978 to August 1982 as Executive Engineer at Rural Electrification Board, Bangladesh. From September 1982 to November 1992 as Director(Training)/Superintending Engineer at Rural Electrification Board. From November 1992 to December 2001 as Chief Engineer, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board From January 2002 to December 2005 as Member, REB from Ministry of Power,, Bangladesh
Abdul Jabbar None

Abdul Jabbar, 1970

Abdul Jabbar, 2015

After completing NED, Abdul Jabbar worked at NESPAK for a while. Later he worked as Civil Engineer in Punjab Highways & Buildings Department. He also worked at Communication & Works Department, Government of the Punjab. He is living in Lahore, Pakistan now.
Abdul Rashid Khan Row 3,
No 1
Abdul Rashid Khan came from Quetta. After graduation he returned to Questta for a while. He is reportedly settled in Karachi now. He was one of the 4 Pushto-speaking students.
Abdullah Qureshi None Abdullah Qureshi came from Hyderabad and returned home after graduation. He currently owns a very major land development business.
Abdul Latif Dasooqi Row 1,
No 2
Contributed by Dr Shaukat Farooq (C70):
I have known Abdul latif Dasooqi closely since 1968. He used to live a few blocks away from me in PECHS. He was quite senior in age compared to rest of our NED group. He was married and had a wonderful family including two daughters. He used to have a light blue Foxy and often use to give me a ride to save me from Bus #10 ride which had half the exhaust smoke coming inside. Passengers used to inhale that smoke for several min before the bus was filled an move. So his ride was a big treat.

Before coming to Pakistan he was working in Saudi Arabia and went back after graduation. I met him couple of times in Riyadh while I was teaching at KFUPM, Dhahran in 80s and 90s. They were very hospitable family and use to love my company. I met him last time in Amman while flying to NY via Jordanian Air, which used to have cheaper fare and would give a one night stopover in Amman. I looked for his name in telephone directory in the hotel and called him. He answered the phone and came to pick me up to take me to his home to meet his family. He called both his daughters who were grownup and married and having children. After that we exchanged few telephone calls from Dubai and Qatar but lost the contact after that. I still have its old No. but its not connecting. Often remember him as a great friend. I enquired about other two colleagues M. Sulaiman and Abdul Kareem Fattani from him but could not find any information about their whereabouts except they both went home.

Abdul Muqtadir Row 4,
No 2

Abdul Muqtadir, 2016

After NED, Abdul Muqtadir completed his Master's in Structural Engineering from Columbia Univ. He worked in the NewYork/New Jersey area. He is now retired and living in New Jersey.
He was fond of singing. See this picture of Muqtadir participating in a Radio Pakistan singing competetion.
He can be found on this Facebook page.
Abdul Waheed Ansari Row 3,
No 9
Waheed Ansari first worked in East Pakistan after his graduation. He got snagged in the 1971 Bangladesh secession and was held a prisoner there. After release he returned to Karachi and worked as a structural engineer. During NED days, his fondness for 'paan' was always obvious due to the red rich color of his lips. He was at times called 'panwari'. He is still working as a consulting engineer iving in Karachi.
Afzalur Rahman Row 4,
No 8
Afzalur Rahman was a hockey player and was the captain of the NED hockey team. No information is available about his post-NED status.
Ajmal Abbassi None There are unconfirmed news that after NED Ajmal Abbassi went to Bangkok for advanced studies, and is now setlled in the US.
Allauddin Hasan Ali Row 2,
No 4

Allauddin Hasan Ali, 2016

Allauddin first worked in Karachi. Later he moved to Canada. He is living in Edmonton and has been working in a land development and real-estate business.
He was fond of singing. See this picture of Allauddin participating in a Radio Pakistan singing competetion.
Anwar Zamin None

Anwar Zamin, 2016

Anwar Zamin worked in Dubai where he now lives and operates a successful building products company.
Arshad Viqar Row 1,
No 19
Arshad Viqar first worked in Iran for 6 years and then came to the US. He is settled in Florida where he moved to in around 1979. He remains actively involved in the consulting business. Arshad's devotion to Islam was phenomenal since early years. He become a Hafiz-ul-Quran during his teens - even before he started college. In Florida, he has been actively involved in local Islamic circle. He leads Taraveeh prayers during the month of Ramzan. Arshad's cousin, Tasnim Uddin, was also our classmate (see below).
Asad Ashraf Malik None

Asad Ashraf Malik, 1970

Asad Ashraf Malik, 2016

After finishing BE, Asad Ashraf Malik completed a Diploma in Business Administration from IBA. Asad successfully appeared in the Civil Services Examination, and was selected for the Police Service, embarking on a very successful career. He lives in Karachi and is working as Ombudsman. See this page for more information and pictures of Asad Ashraf Malik. He also has a Facebook page. In our final year, Asad Ashraf Malik wrote an article entitled 'Saaf Chuphtaiy Bhi Naheen, Samnay Aatay Bhi NaheeN" for NED's annual magazine "The Young Engineer".
He can be found on this Facebook page.
Ashraf Dangra Row 1,
No 1
Ashraf was one of our hard-working and serious students. After graduation he worked as a structural engineer at NESPAK in Karachi.
Ashraf Tayyab None Ashraf Tayyab wore glasses, had boyish looks and came from a Memon family. He was a very pleasant fellow, though on the quiet side. Since his graduation from NED, he operated his his garment export business in Karachi. He is now living in Houston and travels frequently to Karachi to oversee his factory operations.
Atiqur Rahman Row 3,
No 8
Atiqur Rahman was a a pleasant, slim man on the quiet side. After completing NED, he first worked in Dacca in East Pakistan. He was trapped in the upheavel of the 1971 war and creation of Bangladesh. A year later he was able to return to Karachi. He then worked in Dubai briefly and then returned to Karachi. He continues to live and work in Karachi.
Aurangzeb None

Aurangzeb, 1970

Contributed by Khalid Tanwir Choudhary:
Aurangzeb was from Quetta and a resident of Sevakunj Hostel. He did his graduation in Civil. He was quiet in the hostel. Not much is known about him since the graduation.
Darius N Kanga Row 3,
No 4
Darius N Kanga was on NED's swimming team. He left Pakistan after completing NED. He first worked in transportation engineering in Calgary, Canada. Later he moved to Vancouver, Canada. There is some indication that he later moved to the New York area.
Farhad Daroga Row 2,
No 8

Farhad Daroga, 2011

After graduation Farhad Daroga left for the US. He is currently working as a City Planner in Oklahoma.
Farhatullah Row 2,
No 15
Farhatullah was a good student. He used to live in Dastgir Colony He had a slightly hoarse voice. No other info is available about him.
Farooq Chishti None Contributed by Khalid Tanwir Choudhary:
From the State of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Chishti moved to Azad Kashmir in 1965 and joined class of 1966 and graduated in Civil Engineering in 1970. During NED period Farooq used to give a weekly programme on Radio Pakistan in Kashmiri language. In 1974, I (Khalid Choudhary) met him in Dubai. In 2013, I tried to locate him in Abbotabad with no success.
Ghous Munir Hussain Row 1,
No 14

Ghous Munir Hussain, 2015

Contributed by Munir Hussain: After graduating from NED in 1970, like most of us had to start finding job. Was lucky enough to find a job as Structural Engineer in an Architectural Consulting Firm located in Jang Building, Karachi within the same premises of one of the leading consultancy firm at that time "Engineering Consultants" where our some of the colleagues also worked. I worked here until March 1974 when I got an opportunity to get a job in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in an Iraqi Consulting firm as Structural Engineer. Two years later I had to switch the job as the firm ran out of jobs. I joined an Egyptian firm in 1976 (basically started that firm) and continued to work until Dec. 1996 when I opted to leave and migrate to Canada. In Feb. 1997, I came to Toronto and started a new life. After initial struggle I settled down and am now working in a plastic injection molding company manufacturing auto parts for various cars as a Senior Quality Engineer since 2002.

As far as my personal life details, I got married in 1978 and have one son and two daughters (all married and settled down here).
He can be found on this Facebook page.

G Mohiuddin Row 2,
No 18
Details are not avaialbe about G Mohiuddin's career, but the news is that he has passed away.
Hanif M Karim Row 2,
No 21

Hanif Karim, circa 2015

Hanif Karim was a table tennis player during the NED years. He dominated the table tennis scene then, as he was Pakistan’s national champion and Pakistan No 1 for two years. He was also the Captain of the National Team that participated in the World Championships in Munich, Germany. He did not pursue engineering as a career, but did his MBA in Los Angeles. He retired from U.S federal government in 2014, where he worked in the law enforcement area for the Department of Justice. He has his own website http://www.hanifkarim.com/ . He is also the author of a book "Where is Sophia?" published in 2016. As of summer 2016, he was working on another book, and also looking into the possibility of making a film based on his book. Hanif Karim also sent us his copy of the "The Young Engineer 1970", NED's annual magazine which turned out to be a great resource for these pages and we are very grateful to Hanif for his invaluable assistance.
He can be found on this Facebook page.
Hasnain Ahmad Row 1,
No 17
After graduation from NED, Hasnain went to Dubai for work. Hasnain was a tall and handsome fellow. He and Mazahirul Islam, another classmate, were very close childhood friends with ties going back to Bihar, India. He and Mazahirul Janab Islam married each other's sisters. In 1979 Hasnain, at a very young age, started having health issues, tried several different doctors in Middle East with no improvement. This was a very anxious and worrying period for him, his wife and two small children. Hasnain went to England to consult with doctors and was diagnosed with chronic cirrhosis of liver. Hasnain passed away in 1980. His brother-in-law and life-long friend, Janab Islam and his wife Sayeeda looked after Hasnain's young widow and their two small children like their own. Hasnain's daughter and son are both married and are successful physicians in the US.
Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed Row 2,
No 3

Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed, 2016

After completing graduate studies at Stanford University, California, Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed worked in the structural and geotechnical fields for a few years before switching to software, control and monitoring systems, and telecommunications as a career. He is now mostly retired, lives in Northern Nevada, enjoys gardening, woodwork, doting on the grandkids, and dabbling in software projects. These NED 1970 web pages are the result of a project spearheaded by Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman (C70) and himself.

He is divinely empowered with the ability to control the stock market and the weather. The market goes down when he buys, and up when he sells. Similarly, when he plans on a sunny day on the beach, he invariably gets pounded with snow, hale, and torrential rains. He is currently planning on launching an online website to dispense eTa'weez/iTa'weez (تعویذ) with guaranteed contrarian results. All 1970 NED alumni will be eligible for half off.
He can be found on this Facebook page.

Ijaz Ahmad Sheikh Row 4,
No 5
After NED, Ijaz Ahmad Sheikh worked in Pakistan for a few years before going to the US and completing his Master's in Structural Engineering from Univ of California, Davis. He worked as a structural engineer for several companies and now operates his own consulting fir. He works and lives in Los Angeles.
Iqbal Memon Row 1,
No 3

Iqbal Memon, 2016

During the NED years, Iqbal Memon (known more commonly at that time as Iqbal Abdul Rahman) was the Gymkhana Secretary. After graduation from NED, he left for the US in 1974 where he first worked as a nuclear engineer until 1987 in New York City. In 1979 he completed his Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Since 1989 he has been working at US Department of Housing and Urban Development and living in New Jersey. He also wrote an article about the state of sports at NED for the Urdu section of the NED's annual magazine 'The Young Engineer 1970'.
Iqtidarul Hasan Alvi Row 2,
No 9
We have two people identified as 'Iqtidar' in the group photo. One of them was named Sh. Iqtidar Hussain who wrote the artical 'Modern Architecture in Europe in the College's annual magazine 'The Young Engineer 1970'.

After graduation, Iqtidarul Hasan Alvi worked with Zafar Associates, Karachi, for a subsoil investigation project in Kemari. After that he joined Associated Consulting Engineering (ACE) and worked in Saudi Arabia for the Expansion of Kaaba project for several years. ACE later posted him in Iran near Azerbaijan border. Later he returned to pakistan and is settled in Karachi.

Iqtidar2 Row 3,
No 18
We have two people identified as 'Iqtidar' in the group photo. One of them was named Sh. Iqtidar Hussain who wrote the artical 'Modern Architecture in Europe in the College's annual magazine 'The Young Engineer 1970'. Iqtidar2 reportedly was working in Muscat shortly after graduation from NED.
Islam Nabi None After NED, Islam Nabi went to work for Military Engineering Services in Karachi, Pakistan. We have no additional info about him.
Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman Row 1,
No 5

Jamila Rahman, 2016

Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman was part of a pioneering group of women who chose engineering as a career. She was the only female student in the 1966-70 Civil Engineering class at NED. After finishing BE, she completed Master's degree in structures from England with her thesis on concrete slabs using finite element analysis. She worked for a few years in England, then returned to Karachi. She worked briefly in Pakistan, met her husband, got married and moved to Saudi Arabia. After a few years, they moved to the US. She balanced work and family, raising three children. She is now retired and continues to live in Oregon with her husband, also a civil engineer. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys soccer, football, and cricket games. She is an accomplished rosarian and has nearly 40 rose bushes in her yard. These NED 1970 web pages are the result of a project spearheaded by her and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed (C70).
Jamshed Akhtar Danish Row 3,
No 20
After graduation, Jamshed Danish worked in Saudi Arabia and then completed his MS at AIT in 1975. Later he returned to Karachi and has been running a very successful consulting business there.
Jamshed Yunus None Jamshed Yunus reportedly went to AIT for completing his Master's in Soil Mechanics. During NED days, he used to coach Prof A T Khan's children. He started a company called "Foundation Engineering" in Islamabad and ran it very successfully.
Kamal Ahmed Alvi Row 2,
No 22
During the NED days Kamal Ahmed Alvi was a volleyball player. After completing the BE, he worked as a structural design engineer for a couple of years. Then he held several positions as a site engineer and project manager. Between 1994 and 2006 he worked on the development programs in Abu Dhabi. He is currently working in Karachi. During the NED years he lived next door to Mohammad Nasrullah (C70).
Khalid Tanwir Choudhary Row 2,
No 11

Khalid Choudhary, 2014

Khalid Tanwir Choudhary’s parents in 1947 migrated from Jammu and Kashmir State and made Gujrat city as their home. After graduation, he was one of the first lucky person to have a job with a consulting firm in Karachi. Moved to Qatar in 1972 and to Montreal Canada in 1974. Khalid completed his Master's degree in Construction Management in 1978 from Concordia University, Montreal. After that he worked in Libya for a couple of years, and then returned to Canada in 1980. From the last 36 years he is in Alberta and is currently working for a consulting engineering firm in Calgary, Canada. Khalid works in the field of Transportation Engineering as a Manager, Engineering Services. Since 1988 he has been serving Muslim Community in Central and Southern Alberta in various capacities. One of Khalid’s biggest achievement was to be part of team for the establishment of Salahuddin Masjid and Islamic Centre in Red Deer Alberta.
He can be found on this Facebook page.
Mahabat Khan Yousufzai Row 2,
No 19

Mahabat Khan Yousufzai, 2016

Mahabat Khan Yousufzai was a very fair-skinned, handsome student from the NWFP area. He had completed first year of engineering in Lahore and joined NED in second year. He was a quiet and generally reserved student but given to occasionally creating mischief. He and Mustafa Ahmad Shah, another classmate from Abbotabad area, were close friends. He would tell us that he was named after Peshawar's historical 'Mahabat Khan Masjid' which was in the vicinity of his place of birth. He came to the US in 1980's, worked for Caltrans and then City of Stockton. He is now retired and living in Stockton, California. All through these years he maintained close contacts with two other classmates: Abdul Muqtadir and Janab Mazahirul Islam.
Mansoor Jabbar Khan Row 1,
No 4

Mansoor Jabbar Khan, 2000

Mansoor Jabbar Khan, a jovial character, was one of the tallest students in the class. After graduation, he pursued a long career in structural engineering in Karachi. Around 2010 or thereabout, he succumbed to injuries resulting from a fall. See this write-up about Mansoor by Munir Hussain (C70)
Manzoor Hussain Malik Row 2,
No 10

Manzoor Hussain Malik, 2015

Manzoor Hussain Malik came from the Azad Kashmir area. After graduation he returned home and had a very successful career as a civil engineer, rising to the position of Chief Engineer. He is retired now and lives in Muzaffarabad in a beautiful riverside home.
Maqbool Ahmad Row 3,
No 6
Maqbool Ahmad was of medium build, fair complexion, and was one of the serious students who excelled. He worked in the Middle East area and eventually moved to Canada where he completed his Master's, first lived in Edmonton and later moved to London, Ontario, Canada where he worked as an engineer for the City of Waterloo. When contacted by phone, he expressed his total lack of interest and curiousity about the old NED days and classmates.
Mazahirul Islam Row 2,
No 2

Mazahirul Islam, 2015

Mazahirul Janab Islam, known to some of us as Janab, left for Chicago to do Master's in structures in 1972. After first semester he realized that jobs opportunities in this field were getting harder. Janab Islam being a smart person decided to look into the new developing field of Environmental Engineering. In 1974 after graduation he migrated to Canada and started his successful career.

Mazahir went with the Canadian company to Riyadh in 1979 to work and successfully completed many projects there until 1993.

He and another classmate, Hasnain Ahmad were close friends during NED years. Both had a common links going back to Bihar, India, and had been childhood friends. Later Mazahir and Hasnain Ahmad became brothers-in-law. Hasnain passed away around 1980. Mazahir and his wife took the responsibility of caring for Hasnain's young wife and two children. Both children of Hasnain are now successful doctors in US.

Mazahirul Islam returned to Toronto, Canada in 1993. At present he spends time both in US and Canada with his two very successful married daughter and son. His daughter is a well-admired cardiologist in Michigan. Janab's son after completing his fellowship has started working in Lewis, Delaware.

Contributed by Jamila Rahman: When my husband, Fahim, and I were in Saudi Arabia, Mazahirul Islam and his wife lived in our neighborhood. They were very kind to us. Mazahir's wife taught me cooking. They even took care of our daughter overnight when I delivered our second child. I remain grateful for their kindness.
Mehdi Rizvi None Mehdi Rizvi was a very quiet fellow. His father, Azhar Rizvi, was Urdu professor at a local college. There is no info as to what his post-NED pursuits were.
Mirza Zaheer Baig None

Zaheer Baig, 1970

Zaheer Baig, circa 2015

Zaheer Baig, one of the sharpest in our class, stood third in the final year results. He was very much focused on structural engineering after completing NED. He worked for a couple of years in Pakistan and then moved to Singapore around 1972. He received an approved immigration visa to the US but chose Singapore as his permanent home. He owns and operates a very successful marine structures design firm. Zaheer's picture is not included in the above group photo as he arrived 5 minutes too late for the occasion.
Mohammad Amanullah Row 4,
No 17
Mohammad Amanuallah was a very friendly person. Nothing is known about what life after NED held for him.
Mohammad Asghar Row 2,
No 1
Mohammad Asghar actively participated in NED's football and basketball teams. He was also the captain of the football team. We are in the process of getting more information about him.
Mohammad Aslam Qureshi Row 1,
No 15
Mohammad Aslam was a bespectacled fellow of slight build. he was a quiet and reserved person, spoke very gently but a good student and worked hard. He completed his graduate studies in geotechnical engineering from AIT in 1973, returned to Karachi and worked for CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).
Mohammad Azim Row 3,
No 11
Mohammad Azim was a slim, bespectacled young man with a slight beard. He had deep religious leanings and was often called 'Maulana Azim'. After NED, he worked in Dubai on projects being built for the military there.
Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi Row 3,
No 19

M Iqbal Qureshi, 2016

Iqbal Qureshi cane from Hyderabad and stayed at Sevekunj Hostel during the NED years. After completing BE, Iqbal Qureshi served in the army for 3 years. After that he started his own consulting and construction business. He is now a very successful builder and an entrepreneur living in Karachi. He has served at PEC and IEP in leadership roles. He has been very actively involved in social development and charitable work. His message and focus is to give back to the society and country.

He can be found on Facebook on this page.
Mohammad Khan None

Mohammad Khan, 1970

Contributed by Khalid Tanwir Choudhary:
Mohammad Khan was a resident of Sevakunj Hostel. During first year of engineering he had 5 roommates. His roommates noted a bizarre habbit of Mohammad Khan that during sleep his eyes were mostly wide open. He did his graduation in Civil. Not much is known about him since 1970.
Mohammad Muazzam Husain Row 2,
No 7
Muazzam Hussain passed away within a few months after the above picture was taken. Right after the completion of the BE final year exams, he and his father were involved in a traffic accident near the Karachi Airport, were taken to the hospital where their injuries proved fatal within the following couple of days. See this page for more about Muazzam.
Mohammad Nasrullah Row 4,
No 21
Mohammad Nasrullah worked on highway design projects in Pakistan until he passed away around 2014 due to heart ailments. During the NED years he lived next door to Kamal Ahmed Alvi.
Mohammad Suleman Row 2,
No 14
Mohammad Suleman was a Jordanian student. After graduation from NED, he returned home.
Muhammad Hasan None

Muhammad Hasan, 1974

Muhammad Hasan, 2012

By Muhammad Hasan:
During my time at NED, I was generally quiet and less social. I visited college canteen only once and that too due to union elections process, when contestants forcefully took me there. Reasons: to afford my education, I used to give tuitions from 2:00pm until 10:00pm; get up at 4:00am - study ; exercise and 55 minutes walk to college, etc.
After NED, I worked as a site engineer. The major project I was involved with was the Aga Khan University Complex where I worked as a structural engineer from 1974 to 1984. Since then my career has been focused on construction management and for the past 10 years or so I have been involved in senior management positions for major projects. I now work and live in Islamabad.
I can be found on this Facebook page.
Musawwar Hussain Row 2,
No 13
Munawwar Hussain, slightly mustachioed with hair parted almost in the middle, was a serious student. He was a close friend of Shaukat Farooq. He returned home to the Azad Kashmir area after finishing NED. A year after graduation, he was caught in some local feud and lost his life.
Mustafa Ahmad Shah Row 2,
No 20
Mustafa was a tall student from the Abbotabad area. Always ready with a smile and a laugh, he studied hard. He often mispronounced Prof Ganatra's name as 'Gantara'. He was quite close to another NWFP student named Mahabat Khan Yousufzai. Mustafa Ahmad Shah worked in the UAE area as a civil engineer for the armed forces. After that he started a restaurant called Punjab Sarhad Sind Restaurant in Sharjah. He still owns the restaurant in partnership with a co-owner. He spends most of his time in his fanily home in Abbotabad and travels to Sharjah when needed. Mahabat Khan Yousufzai, his close friend and our classmate, recalled his Abbotabad home address from memory and we were able to contact Mustafa by sending him a letter through the postal service.
Mustehasan Zaidi Row 4,
No 1
Details are not avaialbe about Mustehasan Zaidi's career, but the news is that he has passed away.
Nawal Rai Oad None

Nawal Rai Oad, 2006

Nawal Rai Oad was the older of the two brothers who were our classmates and came from rural Sind. He and his brother, Ramchand (C70), stayed at the Mitharam Hostel. Their hometown was in interior Sind and the journey to and from Karachi was not easy.

After completing BE, Nawal Rai took the CSS examination and was selected in 1973. He first completed the training and then joined the Income Tax Group in 1975. He studied Tax Administration at the University of Southern California in 1986. He also acquired a Masters degree in Economics and an LLB degree from Sindh University. Nawal Rai passed away in 2007. He and his spouse had 6 children.

Nawal Rai was very good in drawing. One of his field survey drawings submitted to Prof A T Khan for review was drawn very nicely and had the title block done by Nawal Rai in a beautiful and ornate style. It drew an inappropriately harsh rebuke from Prof Khan who held up the drawing, pointed to the title block and contemptuously said: "We are engineers, not artists!"

Noor Ahmed Chowdhry Row 4,
No 18

Noor Ahmed Chowdhry, 2013

A fun-loving jokester and prankster, Noor Chowdhry was the life of the class. He lived quite close to the NED campus. After graduation, he worked in the Middle east for a while. He has been successfully running his contracting business in Lahore. In our final year, Noor Chowdhry wrote an article entitled 'Naee Nasl Ki JhalkiaN for NED's annual magazine "The Young Engineer".
He can be found on this Facebook page.

Noor often referred to himself in third person as 'aap ka bhai'. He would, for example, say: 'Aap ka bhai bahot paraishan hai.', or, 'Apnay bhai kay liye koi larkee dhoondaeN.'

Contributed by Mirza Zaheer Baig: Noor Chaudhry - The slimmest and the thinnest used to call me Hyderabadi loudly and as I wore mostly white shirt and white trousers, he used to announce my arrival every time as 'Dhobi aagaya'. One of my dearest colleagues. Can not believe how much he has grown in the last 40 plus years. How did that thin skeleton get to be such a manly size? Beats me.
Pervaiz Anwar None

Pervaiz Anwar (Sheikh), 1970

Pervaiz Anwar, 2016

Pervaiz Anwar, also known as Parvaiz Sheikh during NED years, left Pakistan within 3 months of graduation to pursue his masters degree in environmental engineering from Univ of California, Berkeley. He finished his studies at Berkeley and soon after joined a national environmental engineering firm, Brown and Caldwell. His roles with the firm have included the business unit leader for company's west coast operations in California and Hawaii and then national director for company's business consulting practice, aimed at best management practices to national clients. He is currently a senior VP with the company. He works and lives in the Los Angeles area.
Pervaiz Anwar Butt Row 2,
No 5

Pervaiz Anwar Butt, 2015

Pervaiz Anwar Butt came from Gujranwala and resided at Sevakunj Hostel. He is currently living in Gujranwala where he had a successful construction business.
Qasim Akhtar Rizvi Row 4,
No 19

Qasim Akhtar Rizvi, 2016

Qasim Rizvi pursued a career in structural engineering. He first worked in Karachi for a few years, followed by 11 years of work in saudi Arabia. He returned to Karachi and operated his own consulting business. He is now living in Houston, Texas.
He can be found on this Facebook page.
Raghib Abbass Row 3,
No 21
Raghib Abbass stayed and worked in Pakistan and joined WAPDA, eventually rising to the position of its Chairman in 2012. Dr Ramchand Oad went to Lahore for assistance in formulating a water strategy for Pakistan and met Raghib Abbas at that time.
Ramchand Oad None

Ramchand Oad, 1968

Dr Ramchand Oad, 2014

Ramchand Oad was the younger of the two brothers who were our classmates and came from rural Sind. He secured the first position in BE Final exmainations. After NED, he obtained MS in Water Science and Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology in 1973. In 1982, he completed his PhD in Agricultural Engineering from Cornell University

He worked as consultant for international agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the USAID. He also worked as a consultant for the Nile River Basin Initiative program. Dr Oad lived and worked in Indonesia as the leader of a nine-member team to formulate policies for sustainable development and management of irrigation water resources. His other assignments were in Tajikstan and Egypt.

He is a professor at Colorado State University and continues to be involved with state and federal government agencies on issues and projects related to water resources management in the Western United States.

See this YouTube video of Dr Ramchand Oad describing the effects of irrigated agriculture on water resources.

Raza Peracha Row 4,
No 20
After NED, Raza Peracha did not pursue engineering. He left for Questta where he started a fruit business.
Riaz M Choudhry None

Riaz Choudhry, 1970

Riaz Choudhry, 2014

In our final year, 1969-70, Riaz Choudhry contested the position of Student Union President but lost to Tasnim Alam (C70). He completed his graduate degree in Environmental Engineering from Canada. He is now living in Edmonton where he owns a land development business.
Saeedur Rahman Row 3,
No 7
After NED, Saeedur Rahman was involved in the family's garment business, S K Garments, in Karachi.
Sajid Ali Row 2,
No 23
Quiet, reserved, and of a slim build, Sajid Ali mostly kept to himself. His family had come Pakistan from the Aligahr, India. He was very interested in Urdu poetry and literature. No details are known about his post-NED life and career.
Salahuddin M Sheikh Row 1,
No 6
Salahuddin Sheikh was one of the best and brightest students. Bespectacled, good-natured, and with slightly wavy hair, he was was known to be very organized and took copious notes in his small neat handwriting. In the final year, he lead the structural engineering project team, guided by Prof Alvi. The project team often congregated at his home for the work. The team members fondly remember the time spent at his home and the wonderful hospitality by his mother. Salahuddin Sheikh finished his graduate studies in Michigan, US, and started his career in strcutural engineering in Michigan. He is still working as a structural engineer in Southern California. He provided us a copy of the above group photo and we owe him many many thanks.
Saleh Fatani None Saleh Fatani was from Saudi Arabia. His father-in-law worked at the Saudi Consulate in Karachi. After graduation, he returned home to Saudia.
Sanwal Dass None Sanwal Dass was from Sind. He was a quiet, somewhat shy, student and had a fair complexion with a mustache.
Contributed by Dr Ramchand Oad: Sanwal Dass, not in the picture, sadly died in a car accident in 1973. I happened to meet him in Hyderabad that same day along with his sister who was going to be married soon. They died on their way back to home town Tando Allahyaar.
Shahid Naseem Burney Row 1,
No 13

Shahid Naseem Burney, 2014

A serious and dedicated student, he was sometimes referred to as 'Uncle Burney'. Prior to joining NED, Shahid Naseem Burney had completed his diploma in civil engineering from Karachi Polytechnique Institute, and had worked as a surveyor (he seemed to be on very familiar terms with our bearded lecturer who instructed us on field surveying). Shahid Naseem Burney worked and lived in California, then moved to Arizona after retirement. He passed away in June, 2016.
Shaikh Fazal Row 2,
No 7
Shaikh Fazal came from Sind. He was older than the rest of the students, was married, and openly bragged about his two sons. He would say about his sons: "Meray baitay sher kay bachay hain, sher kay...". One day Noor Ahmed Chowdhry asked him: "Beevee koh chirya garh lay gaya tha?". The question did not sit well. A chase ensued right through the front gate to outside the College. Noor being younger and slimmer outran him. Shaikh Fazal's post-NED status is not known.
Shaukat Baloch None Contributed by Khalid Tanwir Choudhary:
Shaukat Balach was a resident of Sevakunj Hostel and was from Makran. After the completion of his BE, no info is available about him.
Shaukat Farooq Row 4,
No 3

Dr Shaukat Farooq, 2015

Shaukat Farooq left Pakistan in March 1971 to attend Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey on CENTO Scholarship for MS. In 1976 he received a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and joined University of Miami in Florida as Assistant Professor. Later he became a professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and then at NUST under HEC Foreign Faculty Program in Islamabad. He was also an advisor to SABIC and GOIC in KSA and Qatar, respectively.

As a believer in giving back to society for all the great blessings received from friends, family and great teachers, he spent the last 10 years in Pakistan and formed a NGO called "Knowledge-Based Welfare Society" to create awareness on education, environment and health sectors. He is also a member of the education think tank Committee of Tahreek-e-Insaf. He tried to produce a drama serial 'Pehli Boond' related to the social issues of Pakistan but got stuck as a novice (See ('Razia GundoN MaeN Phans Gai') and is still hoping to salvage it. Some comments from Qavi Khan on the drama can be seen here. Dr. Farooq is currently semi-retired and spends time in Pakistan and Florida. He is blessed with two sons and a daughter who are physicians and married. Now his grand children keep him busy.

Sibte Mujtaba Kazmi Row 3,
No 3

Mohsin Kazmi, 2015

After NED, Sibte Mujtaba Kazmi, also known as Mohsin Kazmi, completed his Master's in Structural Engineering from Univ of Cincinnati, the alma mater for Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon. After graduation he worked for A M Kinney before returning to Karachi and starting his own consulting firm, S M K Associates, in 1976. He ran a very successful business and over the following 4 decades his firm was involved in major projects in Pakistan, Singapore and Malaysia. Mohsin Kazmi is currently living in New Jersey. His help and information provided by him has assisted us immensely in tracking down our fellow 1970 NED alumni.
Syed Ibne Naqvi Row 4,
No 7
After NED, Syed Ibne Naqvi worked in Saudi Arabia. After some years he returned to Karachi and is settled there.
He was fond of singing. See this picture of Ibne Naqvi participating in a Radio Pakistan singing competetion.
Syed Sajid Hussain Zaidi None

Sajid Zaidi, 1970

Sajid Zaidi, 2014

Sajid Zaidi was a quiet but a very pleasant person. He held second position in BE final year. After completing graduate studies in Canada, he returned to Karachi and worked as a structural engineer at NESPAK. He later moved to Canada where he worked and is now living in Mississauga, Canada. In our final year, Sajid Zaidi wrote a humorous poem 'MaeN hooN B.E. Pass' for NED's annual magazine "The Young Engineer".
Tasnim Alam Manzar Row 1,
No 12
Tasnim Alam Manzar, with glasses and a slight mustache and beard, was very much involved in the NED students' Union. In the final year he had won an elected position in the Union. He was also known for his Jami'at leanings. It has been reported that he lost his life in a drowning incident in early 1970's.
Contributed by Jamila Rahman:
Tasnim Alam Manzar was NED governing body president from 1969-70. He was in civil, quiet, decent guy, strong debater with strong links to Jamat e islamie. Never uttered anything bad in class.

In our college it was considered that if the girls vote for a candidate that person loses the election. Jamat was very strong there, usually they nourished and groomed their boys to be elected. No one wanted or asked for girls votes anyway, we felt neglected. As the time progressed more number of females started to join NED.

During our third year we decided that we girls will form a united front and will decide to vote as a unit to one particular candidate. We also decided to rebel against the attitude of Jamat who acted as if we did not exist. So we started to convince candidate that they have to treat all girls to coke and bun Kabab from canteen before they get our vote. I am pleased to say we had few parties from many candidates but Jamat was another thing. We made badges of Jamat candidates and started to wear them around the college. The first thing all girls will do before going to class will be to wear those pins. Jamat members were furious and we had a lot of arguments, they were mostly unsuccessful although we demand coke and bun Kabab to take off the badges but no way they would give up.

In final year Tasnim came to our group with few Jamat members requesting us to take his name off which ended in hot argument. He did not involve me in his approach but clashed with Ranjida and Sanjida twins. I kept my mouth shut as they were my class fellows. I remember Tasnim was good to me so I quietly took off the badge and handed it over to him after seeing how disturbed he was.

Tasnim Uddin Row 3,
No 5
Contributed by Zahid Butt (M70):

Tasnim Uddin (late), circa 2004

Tasnim Uddin graduated in 1970 from the Department of Civil Engineering at NED Engineering College (now a University). He was Hafiz of Quran (memorized the entire Quran in Arabic) and he completed this sacred accomplishment while a student of NED.

Tasnim Uddin worked in Karachi until 1973 and then came to USA and completed his Masters in Structural Engineering in 1974 from the prestigious Carnagie Mellon University. After completing his studies, he moved to Miami, Florida and worked in different companies until 1984.

In 1984, he started his own engineering company by the name of Tasnim Uddin & Associates. He later founded another company by the name of Task Laboratories, Inc. Before he passed away in September 2006, he he successfully completed numerous multimillion projects at Miami airport, Miami seaport and Miami public schools.

Tasnim Uddin’s most commendable achievement was helping the Muslim community in Florida. When he first arrived in Miami, there was only one mosque. During his time in South Florida, he was involved in every mosque, both directly and indirectly by helping in design, supervision and generous charity. He completed the first Islamic school and mosque project in Kendall, Miami, which was his passion and dedication. He was the founder of this school. The large Muslim cemetery in Miami was also designed and generously funded by him. He was a brilliant engineer, passionate philanthropist and an ardent member of the community his entire life and helped with more social projects than can be covered in this brief profile.

His eldest daughter is an architectural engineer and second daughter is an attorney and graduate of the prestigious University of Chicago Law School. His youngest daughter is a family medicine physician and his son is currently in medical school.

His wife, Naseem Uddin, is carrying his legacy and participates in all charitable and social events.

Tasnim Uddin left us in September, 2006.

Waheed Uddin Row 4,
No 15

Dr Waheed Uddin, 2015

Waheed Uddin was a small, somewhat petitely built fellow. He wore glasses and was a dedicated student. He was sometimes called 'Chota Waheed' (to distinguish him from Waheed Ansari). He had a job offer to work in East Pakistan but heeded the advice from relatives not to go there due to the political turmoil. He then worked on the Gujranwala Cantt project of Airports Development Agency until 1973. He then finished his Master's degree in geotechnical engineering at AIT in Bangkok in 1975. After M.S. graduation he worked in Saudi Arabia first three years on airport construction projects then at the University of Petroleum & Minerals in Dhahran. In 1981 he left for the United States where he completed his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 in transportation engineering. During 1989 to 1991 he was the United Nations Pavement Expert in Dubai and served as advisor to Dubai Municipality Roads Department. Currently, he is a professor of civil engineering at the University of Mississipi and lives in Oxford, MS.
Zaheer Qadri Row 1,
No 18

Zaheer Qadri, 2015

Zaheer Qadri was a slim, tall fellow with a mustache and glasses. He had slightly curly hair which he brushed back, looking a bit like an afro. He worked in Saudi Arabia for a while and is now in construction business in Karachi. In the final year, Zaheer Qadri wrote this 'Ghazal' for the College's annual magazine.
He can be found on this Facebook page. He has penned down additional information about himself which can be seen here.
Ziauddin Qureshi Row 3,
No 2

Ziauddin Qureshi, 2016

Ziauddin Qureshi (aka Zia Qureshi) always looked smart and well-dressed. In the final year he was experimenting with facial hair - sometimes growing a mustache, or a beard or both. He was one of the handful of students who drove his own car to the college. During the NED days he was on the Squash team and was also fond of playing bridge. He completed his graduate studies from Univ of Cincinnati in Environmental Engineering and Hydraulics. He has worked for several water and waster water management companies in leadership positions. He now works and lives in Houston, Texas.

Please see My 'Life Trajectory' by Ziauddin Qureshi.

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