How to Navigate NED 1970 Alumni Pages

By H Jawaid Ahmed (C70)

We heard your feedback. There is confusion about going to various sections and pages we have so far. As of this writing (late July 2016) there are over 40 different pages and the number will grow as we get more contributions from our classmates and other sources.

At the top of each page you will see an image across the page width. The image shows the old NED logo and the pictures of the NED buildings. Underneath the image there is a red ribbon which is about 1/4 inch in height. This is our Navigation Ribbon or Bar. Our classmate Mohsin Kazmi (C70) so aptly called it a 'Laal Patti'. Embedded within this ribbon (or bar or 'patti') are navigation links. These links appear on the navigation bar/ribbon in white letters. Check them out. They start from 'Site Map' on the left side, followed by 'Alumni List', 'Civil Group' etc. and then end with 'Contact Us' on the right side. Each of these links, when invoked by clicking, will lead you to a specific page or set of pages.

Move your mouse to one of the links, e.g. the link which says 'Elect Group'. As you move the pointer to the link, the background and the foreground colors of the link will reverse, i.e. you will see 'Elect Group' in red font over a white background. This color reversal indicates the presence of a 'clickable' link within the navigation bar.

The above picture points out the red navigation ribbon and also shows the color change of the 'Elect Group' link. The mouse pointer was hovering over this 'Elect Group' link in the red navigation ribbon when this image was snapped.

If youu click on the 'Elect Group' link, you will be navigated to the Electrical Group page. Similarly you can click on the 'Civil Group' and 'Mech Group' links and move to the respective pages.

Each link on the red navigation ribbon represents a category of pages. Some categories have only one page in which case the page will pop up. Other categories have multiple pages and in those cases a list of those pages will appear as links.

For example, if you click on the 'Mech Group' page you will see the Mechanical Alumni Group page pop up. In comparison, if you click on the 'Staff', 'Articles', 'Pictures', or 'Site Map' links on the navigation ribbon, you will see a page presenting you a list of the related pages in this category.

As an example, if you click on the 'Staff' link you will see a list of the professors and faculty members as shown on the right. Each line on the list appears with an underline. If you put the pointer on the line, the pointer changes. This underlined line is a link. When you click on it, the associated page will be presented to you. As an example, click on the Prof Anwar Chowdhry link on the 'Staff' page and you will see the page for Prof Anwar Chowdhry. Similarly, each link on the list here will pop up the related page.

Similar to th e'Staff' category of pages, other categories ('Articles', 'Pictures', and 'Site Map') are laid out similarly. Each of these pages will show a list of links related to its category. You can view the list and click on the link to read the page.

'Site Map' shows an overall view of the organization of the pages and shows a list of various categories. You can click on any link to bring up the associated page. Thus, there are multiple ways to get to a page. You can select a page from the links in the red navigation bar on the top of the page, or you can view the Site Map and select the page there.

Let us talk about the 'Alumni List' page. It has links embedded as well, but it also has a 'Dropdown List'. At the top of the page you will a line which says Select Civil/Electrical/Mechanical or ALL: and it is followed by a a little box which has the word 'ALL' in it and also has a small down-arrow on the right. Click on the down-arrow and the box expands to 4 lines showing 'ALL', 'Civil', 'Electrical' and 'Mechanical'. See the expanded box with the 4 lines in the image below:

When you initially invoke the Alumni List page. it comes up with 'ALL' as the default option for the drop-down list. This means that ALL Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical alumni are displayed in the list underneath arranged alphabetically by the names. If you want to limit your view to a specific discipline, select the desired discipline on the dropdown list and the displayed list will be limited only to the discipline specified. As an example, click on the down-arrow in the drop-down box and then click on 'Electrical'. As soon as you release the mouse button, the list will be refreshed and will now only display the 'Electrical' alumni.

For each of the alumni displayed on the list, there are 6 columns. We will draw your attention to 3 of the columns which may have links. The first column is the 'In Class Group Pic?', and it gives the row number and the person number (counting from the left) where this individual appears in the class group picture. If this column is blank it means that this individual was not in the group picture. If there is a set of numbers there, then this is displayed as a link. When you click on this link it will take you to the group picture at the top of the appropriate discipline (i.e. Civil, Electrical or Mechanical)

The second column is 'Recent Pic?'. If it shows a 'Y' in the column then it means that we have a fairly recent 'mugshot' for the individual. If you click on the the 'Y' it will display the 'mugshot' which is included in the write-up for the alumnus.

Finally, we have the 'Name' column. Some of these will appear as underlined links which means that we have a write-up for the individual. If you click on this link you will be taken to the page and section where the write-up for this person has been included.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.