Alumni List (Partial) - NED Engineering College 1970 Graduating Class

By Jamila Rahman(C70) and Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed(C70)
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Alumni List - ALL (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical) Graduates
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Civil YA Halim
Civil YA Hameed
Civil YA Qadeer
Civil YA Rashid
Civil YAbdul Hai
Civil YAbdul Latif Dasooqi
Civil YAbdul Muqtadir
Electrical Abdul Razzak Lakhani
Electrical Abdullah Tayeh
Civil YAfzalur Rahman
Civil YAllauddin
Civil YAmanullah
Civil YArshad Ali
Civil YArshad Viqar
Civil YAsad Ashraf Malik
Civil YAshraf Dangra
Civil Ashraf Tayyab
Civil YAtiqur Rahman
Civil YDarius N Kanga
Electrical YFareeda Ali
Civil YYFarhad Daroga
Civil YFarhatullah
Civil YG Mohiuddin
Civil YGhous Munir
Electrical YHameeda Mohtaram
Civil YYHanif M Karim
Civil YHasnaian Ahmad
Civil YYHumayoun Jawaid Ahmed
Civil YIjaz Ahmad
Civil YIqbal Abdul Rahman
Civil YIqtidar
Civil YIrfan Ali
Electrical YIrfan Ali
Civil YIsmail Abdullah
Civil YYJamila Salahuddin
Civil YJamshed Akhtar Danish
Civil YKamal Ahmed Alvi
Civil YKhalid Maqsood
Mechanical YKhalid R Jan
Civil YKhalid Tanwir
Civil YM Azim
Civil YM Iqbal
Civil YM Suleman
Civil YM Yousuf
Civil YMahmood Ibrahim
Civil YYMansoor Jabbar Khan
Civil YManzoor Hussain
Civil YMaqbool Ahmad
Civil YMaqsood
Civil YYMazahirul Islam
Mechanical YMazhar Mujtaba Zubeiri
Mechanical YYMazhar Nadir
Civil Mehdi Rizvi
Civil YMenghraj
Civil YMirza Zaheer Baig
Civil YMohabbat Khan
Civil YMohammad Asghar
Civil YMohammad Aslam
Civil YMohammad Muazzam Husain
Civil YMohammad Nasrullah
Civil YMunawar Hayat
Civil YMusawwar Hussain
Civil YMustafa Ahmad
Civil YMustehasan
Mechanical YYNadim Siddiqui
Civil YNadir Latif
Civil YYNoor Ahmed Chowdhry
Mechanical YYOostur Raza
Civil YOsama Hasan
Civil YPervez Anwar
Civil YQasim Akhtar
Civil YQasim Rizvi
Electrical YRafeeda Hasan
Civil YRaghib Abbass
Civil YRahmat Ali
Civil Ram Chand
Civil YRaza Peracha
Mechanical YRukhsana Zubeiri
Civil YS Anwar
Civil YS Ibne Naqvi
Civil YSaeedur Rahman
Civil YSajid Ali
Civil YSalahuddin M Sheikh
Civil YSh Mohsin
Civil YShahid Naseem Burney
Civil YShaikh Fazal
Civil YShamim Ahmad
Civil YShaukat Farooq
Mechanical YYShiraz Rehmani
Civil YSibte Mujtaba Kazmi
Civil Syed Sajid Hussain Zaidi
Electrical YSyed Zafar Wahab
Mechanical Taha Abu Mahfouz
Civil Taha Saeed
Mechanical YYTahir Mohamed Sheikh
Electrical YTariq Ameen Ahmed
Civil YTasnim Aslam
Civil YTasnim Uddin
Civil YWaheed Ansari
Civil YYWaheed Uddin
Civil YZaheer Qadri
Mechanical YYZahid Butt
Civil YZahid Perwaiz
Civil YZainul Abidin
Civil YZiauddin Qureshi
Civil YZiaur Rehman