Splitting a Sandwich the NED Way

Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman(C70)

When I read Noor Chowdhry's story about changing sweaters with Perveen, it triggered some memories. The story about Perveen is true, I do remember some of it. We had lots of fun in the workshop as the guys there did not know how to handle girls. Perveen was a pretty girl then and liked to wear vibrant colors. This is the lady whose husband Moin (C69) died recently. My memory is fuzzy but lots of things happen in the workshop. Every workshop time was spent playing rather than working.

My father used to prepare huge spicy ground beef sandwiches for me every day so I could eat it at lunch time. I usually used to have a long day, after classes I had to wait to go home with my father who had no fixed time. Sometime I would stay back in NED and other boys and I would sit in the first classroom chatting, copying notes, joking or singing. Sometimes other girls will join but mostly it was only me. If my memory is correct Zaheer Baig, Noor, Munir and some others. The crowd would change depending on who had the time.

Other times I would either walk to my father's press and sit with him while he dealt with his daily work or lastly which was more than the other options I will go to the British Council and study there until my Dad could pick me up after he was done for the day.

I was talking about the workshop and my sandwich. Noor one day kept on saying he was hungry as he had nothing to eat. I offered him my huge sandwich, which he made fun of then he decided to eat half of it. We were going to the workshop where he took a saw and cut my sandwich in half to share. I was not happy as he used the unclean saw. He ate first his portion which he enjoyed immensely then when he saw I was not eating the remaining half he ate that too.

This sandwich-splitting happened several times as he knew I will not eat if the workshop saw was used. Noor started to eat my lunch regularly whenever he was hungry. I can claim that I fed him while Noor was a student at NED.