Remembering My NED Friends

By Munir Hussain (C70)

Meeting Nadir Mazhar (M70)

I believe it was during our First year at NED when the discipline is not yet decided and all of us had common courses, we all use to mix around. It was during those days I met Nadir Mazhar. I used to wait for catching the bus to the college and Nadir used to pass through on his Lambretta scooter on his way to the college. As we did not know each other in the beginning, both were hesitant to speak to each other. However after seeing each other at the college daily we knew that our destination was the same and it was Nadir who was the first to initiate and stop when he saw me at the bus stop one morning and offered a ride to the college. Of course without any hesitation, I accepted the offer which later became a daily routine. I still owe him lots of thanks for the daily ride both in the morning and the evening after the college.

During one of those days on our return journey, just at the Guru Mandir bus stop where many people were waiting to catch their respective bus, the scooter slipped and both of us were thrown on the road. It was an embarrassing situation, however both of us got up cleaned our clothes and continued our journey with bruises and torn pants. I did not dare ask him, what made the scooter slipped, may be if he still remembers he may speak out now. This continued during our first year at the college, later when our disciplines got different (him going to mechanical and myself to civil) this journey came to an end and I continued taking the bus to the college as before.