NED Mechanical 1970 Alumni Reunion, 2013

Tahir Mohamed Sheikh(M70)

At a Las Vegas desi restaurant

The NED Mechanical Engineering Class of 1966-70 held a reunion in 2013 in Las Vegas. I was very much looking forward to it. Quite a few of us had been living and working in the US. Some of us had maintained contact with each other, but this was a special occasion when all of us were together in one place.

There were about 12 alumni who showed up, some with their wives and some by themselves; ; we even had attendees from places as far away as Pakistan and Australia.

At a Las Vegas mall
From left: Mehraban 'Pat' K Irani, Javed, Shiraz Rehmani, Mushtaque Raza

Most were meeting each other after more than 40 years. Even though some needed to get reacquainted, it seemed that within minutes all were transported back in time and, in fact, were 22 years old once again - a lot of sharing, a lot of talking, a lot of walking, a lot of catching up, a lot of old jokes, a lot of food, a lot of recollection of the funny events of the time, a lot of laughter, and of course some quarrelling .....

The group had also organized a day-tour excursion to the Grand Canyon with a stop at the Hoover Dam. The bus trip in itself was loads of fun, joking, laughing and singing; for most this was their first trip to the Grand Canyon.

We took a bus for the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Tour

Stop on way to Grand Canyon

Following a dinner at Bellagio the group got together for a ghazal session one evening. Three of our colleagues were excellent ghazal singers and arrangements had been made for a harmonium and a make-shift tabla. It was an evening that most will remember very fondly.

Ghazal by Shiraz Rehmani in one of our rooms

Shiraz Rehmani (ASC:64-66) Singing

Here is a ghazal performance by Shiraz Rehmani. Click on the image to the right to listen to the song.

During our stay, some of the fellow alumni (discretely) tried their luck at slot machines and others at Black Jack.

The alumni enjoyed the reunion, so much so that they planned and had another reunion in April 2016. This time they planned it so that it was simultaneously in two locations - Las Vegas and Karachi, and there was a Skype get together one evening. Again people came from near and far to Las Vegas and to Karachi to join the reunion, and all loved it.