'Civilians' and 'Mechanicalians' - From Our 1970 Final Year Trip

By Mohammed Javed (M70)

Here is a funny story which my fellow Mechanical Engineers may already know. This happened during our final year tour. We were visiting an army installation, some factory I think. So Mr Gurnani was busy at the pass office, while we - the students - were waiting for him near the gate, where Army Guards were standing. One of the guards started chatting with us and asked if we were "Civilians". Before anybody else could answer, one of the students whose name starts with "Z" replied with great confidence, no we are "Mechanical". The whole group started laughing and after that throughout rest of the tour we would make fun of "Z", where one student would shout "Civilian" and rest of the group would shout back "Mechanical".

I don't know if it sounds as funny to somebody who was not there, but believe me for us it was hilarious.

'Civilians' - Correction

By Zia Khan (M70)
Hi, Javed - Don't tell me, the age is catching up on you and to put the record correct. This happened at the Pfir's cemetery Abbotabad and it was not Z, but he was AA, and Z was the sole witness to this incident who had informed the whole group later on.

Freshen up you memory.

Correction to Correction

By Mohammad Javed (M70)
Hi Zia,

First let me say LOL. Second, yes age is catching up with all of us.

Third, if you are the only sole witness, how do we know you were not the culprit? It is your word against Ali Ashraf's. We need to hear from Ali Ashraf before deciding who gets the credit for this gem.