Admission to NED for a Girl in 1965

By Naheed (Waheed) Ghazanfar (C69)

Naheed (Waheed) Ghazanfar, 2013

I entered the premises of NED college to apply for engineering, my sister was with me, but at the gate of the college she got panicked by the storm of boys entering and leaving. Any ways I went in alone to get the form for application. Got it, but the form was only for Mr., we were supposed to attach a photograph and get medical test from the civil surgeon, Dr. Randhawa who was to certify it.

The medical form was meant for boys only, it asked chest measurement, normal and expanded after taking deep breath. Of course this was not for girls, so I did not know what to do but the form was certified.

After few days when I got admission I went in to deposit my fee. As I came out of that office next to the mechanics lab, I found a crowd of young boys, between the office, and the principals office. The area was merely a fifty feet wide road and a six feet wide verandah. One had to push boys around to make room to go to the principal for depositing some papers. Any ways once every thing was successfully done. As I was leaving one boy Akber Shaikh, came running, sat down in front of me and chanted 'Mil Gayee'. Every one started asking 'Kia mil gayee, yaar?'. He kept on saying, 'Ammi bhee dhoondh rahee thee!', every one else in the family was looking for this, thank God found it.' I was almost fainting, shivering, very upset, wanted to run away, but had no strength. Finally after few minutes when every one kept on saying: "What is it that you have found?". Being a girl I kept on thinking he is going to say this girl. Guess what when he shouted away: "Yaar, found it", and told every one what it was. Every one started laughing and I got blood rushing back to my system, and had enough strength to say: "Shut up!". He said he had found my grandfather's shoes. Every one was laughing, I was wearing boys running shoes. Those days they were available only as Unisex shoes.