Taha Saeed (M71, NED 66-72)

By Jamila (Salahuddin) Rahman (C70)

I met Taha Saeed the very first week I joined NED. Rafeeda, Hameeda, Fareeda, Perveen and I, five new girl students, were standing outside admission building when Taha approached us and started to chat like we were old friends.

After chatting for a bit he said he is on wait-list and one of us ladies should help him. Very confused, we looked at him thinking he is playing a prank on us. He smiled and explained that if one of us females drop out of NED he may have a chance to get in. This way his future wife and kids will not die of hunger.

We completely ignored him and started to walk away. He blocked our path and started pestering again. He insisted that dropping out of NED would be beneficial for everyone. He explained that we in future will get married, have kids and their responsibility will force us to stay home and make chapatis for the family. This will be a waste of valuable seat. On the other hand he would be a provider to his kids and family.

He became a constant visitor, nearly every day he started to harass us. We could not avoid him, he was everywhere. Luckily for us and him Perveen dropped out and Taha Saeed made his entrance as a student to the life of NED. Funny thing is no one noticed that he was new student.

Taha Saeed - Lively Guy

By Dr Waheed Uddin (C70)

Taha Saeed and I were good friends. His family, like mine, had hailed from Allahabad, India. That commonality helped us bond.

Taha was full of life, and was always joking and clowning. He was totally unpredictable. During our final year trip, we were in Lahore Railway Station when Taha got out on the platform and started delivering a speech about Fatima Jinnah. Those were the final months of Ayub Khan regime and Section 144 was in effect. He was a fiery speaker and a crowd had gathered. It was with great difficulty when we pulled him out and managed to keep him out of trouble.

Taha Saeed dropped out of the final year exams. He graduated 2 years later. He is now living in Houston.