Nadir Mazhar's Story

By Nadir Mazhar (M70)

Part 1 - 1971 to 1984

After finishing NED College (1970) I worked for a few organizations in Karachi; the more prominent was Karachi Shipyard (KSEW). In KESW our two mechanical colleagues (from NED) were already working – Mohammad Javaid and Mohammad Yasin. KSEW had a contract, from Tarbela dam, to manufacture and install Draft Tube gates etc. I looked after this project. From KSEW I was posted to Tarbela Dam to install these gates and structures. I returned to Karachi in early 1974. I got married to a Hydrabadi girl, Rana, in Sep 1974. Rana’s father was working as a Chief Civil Engineer in Nigeria (West Africa).

In 1973 at Tarbela Dam. This was before I got married in 1974.

After our marriage in 1974, one day I took Rana to KSEW and showed her an under-construction ship (Al Dafara).

Rana’s heart was in Nigeria; maybe it was first home for her. She did her schooling (O Levels) in London; and A Levels and university in Nigeria. In May 1975 Rana and I were in Kano City, Nigeria. On our way to Nigeria, we stayed for a couple of days in Beirut (Lebanon). In July 1975 war started in Lebanon, so did the part-destruction. In Kano I got a job in the Works Department, and stayed in Nigeria for a little over nine years. I looked after many projects (road construction and others), including maintenance of earth moving equipment. Rana used to teach in secondary schools. Both of my children, Aneel and Samia, were born in Kano Nigeria. In Nigeria, I got interested in doing an MBA degree from USA. I got admission and I-20 visa from a few universities including University of Texas at Austin. With a mind to move to Austin TX soon, I said goodbye to Nigeria in July 1984 and took my family to drop them in Karachi. By 1983, Rana’s father was retired and had moved back to Karachi Pakistan.

My 1984 send-off party in Kano, Nigeria.

My family started settling in Karachi by August 1984. Rana got a teaching job at Convent of Jesus & Mary (School); Samia got admission in the same school. Aneel got admission in St. Peter’s High School. I was to travel to Austin TX by late Sep 1984. I was spending holiday in Karachi for a couple of months. During this time there was an ad for admissions to MBA in IBA Karachi. I just casually applied there. I personally was not aware that IBA was the best Business School in the country. In short, I got admission in IBA and changed my mind to travel to USA. I bought a car and an apartment in Clifton, with the money I was to spend for my MBA in USA. I started evening classes at IBA. By the end of 1984 I was looking for a job in Karachi; and got one at Zelin Pty limited.

Part 2 -After Jan 1985

After I returned to Pakistan in 1984, I wanted to know how our NEDians 1970 were faring.

I was not involved in the NED 70 re-union for about 10 years. I contacted Amjad Hasan (M70), sat down with him, and discussed about getting our colleagues together for a re-union. I with Amjad organised a re-union dinner (~Dec 1984) at Roof-top Restaurant of Avari Hotel in Karachi. Strangely, I do not have any pictures of that re-union. (perhaps because we did not have mobile phones that time).

After that I was frequently involved in organising the re-unions, mostly at the Defence Authority Club (DAC), where I was the member. The active associates were Amjad Hasan (M70), Mohammad Amin (M70), and later Sameeh Shafi (E70). In recent years, after I left Pakistan, Mohammad Ilyas (M70) has also become one of the re-unions organiser.

In 1995 we had the idea of celebrating 25 years of our passing out from NED. I with Amjad and Amin organised the Silver Jubilee Re-Union at the DAC. Five representatives held their hands together and cut the cake. Here are some seven pictures (click on the link to see these pictures)of the Silver Jubilee Re-union held on 15 Dec 1995. I have added a one more picture of a prior re-union (at the DAC) of 6 Jan 1994.

Unfortunately, at least three friends (who appeared in these pictures) have passed away – two mechanical and one civil. Guess how many people you can recognise.

I can tell the names of persons in the two pictures below. For the 1995 Silver Jubilee picture, the persons cutting the cake are (L to R) Amjad Hasan (M70), Nadir Mazhar (M70), Mazahir Islam (C70), Mohammad Amin (M70), and Sameeh Shafi (E70). And the persons in the Jan 1994 picture are (L to R) Asad Ashraf Malik (C70), Late Major (R) Hameed Ahmad Khan (M70), and Nadir Mazhar (M70).

Karachi, December 1995 - Cutting the Cake for Silver Jubilee Reunion Celebration

Karachi, Jan 1994

Then first NED 70 re-union was held in April 2013 at Las Vegas – organised by Oostur Raza (M70). Eight NEDians 70 turned up for about 4 days and one person came for a night – total nine. I was the only person who came from outside North America. Another re-union was held in April 2016 in Las Vegas again – many people know about this. This was Golden Jubilee Re-Union of us joining the NED College in 1966. Ten colleagues turned up this time. Only four persons were common on both occasions; Nadir, Javed, Shiraz and Irani. Interesting thing is that all the participants on both occasions were Mechanical.

I hope we have our Golden Jubilee Re-Union in 2020 and people from all disciplines will attend. Let us try to be healthy. Keep on smiling 😊, if not laughing.