Mansoor Jabbar Khan (Late, C70)

By Munir Hussain (C70)

Mansoor Jabbar Khan, 2000

Mansoor Jabbar and Zaheer Qadri (C70) are the only class mates with whom I was continuously in contact besides Kazmi (C70). While working in Karachi, we almost met every week until all three of us sought job outside Pakistan. I was the first to leave for Muscat although all three of us had applied for the same job. Later Mansoor got a job in Iran and Zaheer in Saudia and during this period we were in contact with each other.

Both of them returned to Pakistan after couple of years' stay, but I continued in Muscat. However, I frequently visited Karachi and always had good time together. Mansoor for brief period had his own consultancy firm and also worked with Zaheer on apartment construction works. I remember when I was leaving for Canada, he gave my daughter Quran with English translation saying that you will forget Urdu soon, but still can understand this Book when you learn English there. He was down to earth person always accepting his mistake and apologize without any arguments.

His death was very tragic. His son was working in Dubai and was to come home for his marriage. Just to mention, Mansoor's son also graduated from NED and briefly worked in Kazmi's consulting firm. Anyway, Mansoor was getting his house painted and getting it ready for his son's marriage and for this he was on the roof terrace of his house where he collapsed. I got this news from one of our common friends, who called me and informed about the incident and asked to pray for his life. Two days later, when I called to ask about his health, I got the sad news that he could not survive and passed away. I was shocked to hear this as we had spent so much time together starting from joining the college until his sad demise. I was unfortunate not to attend his funeral, however Zaheer and Kazmi got that opportunity. He had such a loving attitude that my whole family used to ask about him whenever I would visit them.

I have lost a very good friend. There are rich memories about him, if I continue to write it will be pages. He was loved by almost all our teachers, specially Aziz ul Hasan and Prof. Siraj.

Remembering Mansoor Jabbar Khan

By Humayoun Jawaid Ahmed (C70)

Mansoor was a gentle giant. He was a tall fellow, handsomely built. He was very friendly and always had a smile on him. He loved to laugh.

There were four of us in the Civil Engineering class whose parents had migrated from Allahabad, India. They were Mansoor Jabbar Khan, Waheed Uddin (C70), Taha Saeed (C71, NED 66-71), and myself. I bonded with Mansoor and Waheed. Mansoor and I had often long conversations about subjects ranging from Fluid Mechanics to the meaning of life. Regardless of the seriousness of the topic, he always injected humor in th conversation and laughed heartily.

I last met him around 1985 when I was visiting Karachi, and Ashraf Dangra (C70), Syed Sajid Hussain Zaidi (C70), Mohsin Kazmi (C70), and myself met. I was shocked when in a telephone conversation with Mohsin Kazni in 2015 I found out that he had passed away. We will miss him. May he rest in peace.